Are Leggings Pants?

This has been a sort of controversial question in the fashion community and here are my thoughts.

I'll start off by saying this. In my opinion, leggings are not pants. They have evovled into pants. I personally think that if your leggings are so thin that I can see your underwear, they're not pants amd shouldn't be worn as pants. If you feel a breeze/draft just from someone walking past you quickly, they're not pants. 

Let's talk do a little history on leggings.

• Worn by men an women in medieval times under garments for warmth.

• In Marie Antoinette days, women and girls wore them under crinolines (an undergarment meant to hold the structure of skirts). 

• In 1960s, leggings were worn as tight trousers or capris. 

• Early 90s, leggings were being sold more than jeans.  Typically worn with skirts, dresses, and oversized sweaters and sweatshirts.

• Leggings were rejected by fashion in the late 90s.

• They made a comeback in 2005 worn under mini skirts. 

•Eventually were worn under athletic wear for warmth or compression. 

• Jeggings were introduced in the late 2000s

Take a look at this excerpt that involves a poll of other people's opinions about wearing leggings as pants. 



Now, I didn't see people wearing leggings as pants until I was in middle school. All of a sudden there was a trend of this classic outfit of a North Face Jacket, leggings, and Uggs. 

When I first saw this I was completely confused. Why would wear something that makes your butt cold, along with 2 other things meant to keep you warm. Contradicting.

I had people constantly trying to argue the fact that leggings are pants. When I was younger leggings were always worn under some othe article of clothing. Usually under a skirt or a dress.

So tell me what you think. Are leggings pants? Yes? No? Sometimes? What are you thoughts! Comment below! 

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