Majoring in Fashion!

Hi, all!

Since we are in the Back-to-School season, I decided to talk about what's going on for me this school year, and just give you all a little more insight on me, and who I am.

So if you've read my "About Me" page then you know that I'm currently a college student. I'm going into my junior year majoring in Fashion Merchandising.

I wanted to take the time to give you all some information about what exactly my major is, what kind of classes I'm taking and what I plan to do with my degree in my field of study. I also hope this will help any high school students, rising seniors,  current college students or anybody hoping to study fashion.

What is Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion Merchandising is the study how the fashion industry works. Learning how items are selected to be put in specific stores, consumer behavior, the process of manufacturing, and really learning the business side of the fashion industry.

A lot of times when I tell people my major they assume I want to be a fashion designer. No! There's a difference between fashion MERCHANDISING and fashion DESIGN. Though it is necessary to learn about  fashion design in the merchandising field, there is a difference, career wise.

What made you want to major in fashion?

I was in a college prep program all throughout high school so when it time for me to choose my major I thought long and hard about what it is that I like to do and how I can make a career of it. I knew I loved fashion and I thought majoring in business would help me start my own company one day. At the same time, I was thinking about majoring in fashion design because I loved to sketch designs. But I didn't want to be just a fashion designer, I want to be a business woman as well. I wanted an in between. I started doing research on different careers in the fashion industry. gave me a ton of information on fashion careers and descriptions of the each profession. A little more research helped me find out what to study. 

Studying Fashion Merchandising would give me in between. A blend of business and fashion.


What type of classes do you take?  

Each school has a different variety and curriculum of classes. Usually a good mixture of design and business classes.

At my school the cirriculum includes classes like Intro to the Fashion Business, Textiles, Clothing Construction and Interior Design.

To get more involved in the business pat. You may take classes like Economics, Marketing, and Accounting.

Depending on schools, sometimes Fashion Merchandising may be considered as a concentration in a specific major. Like Human Ecology or Family & Consumer Sciences.

What are you going to do with your degree/ What can you  do?

If you persue a degree in Fashion Merchandising you can dip into so many different careers and career titles. 

With this type of degree you can be a buyer for a store, a boutique owner, stylist, interior designer, even a fashion designer.  

Personally, I would like (*scratch that* - speak it into existence lol), I AM going to become a business owner. I also would like to do freelance styling throughout my career.