Is Your Wardrobe Basic?

The first blog post! Woo!!! Now I'm not the best writer but I'll get better overtime. But just know that my writing will be my exact words so you all can relate to what I'm saying. I just want to start off by saying Thank you and let's get it!

Okay so you probably read the title thinking, "Basic? Huh?" or "Is she saying saying that my wardrobe is too basic?" Not at all. I'm talking about the basics. Basic essentials for your wardrobe. If you've ever gone to a website like, or then you've probably seen a tab called "Basics". And If you have'nt clicked on it then girrrlllll, you are missing out. Basics are the most easiest and affordable items you can fill your wardrobe with. They're so easy to match and create simple outfits with. You can create a dressy look, or just a laid back casual look. It's almost like trying without trying.

Now if your trying to update, add, or re-do your wardrobe you want to make sure basics are your top priority, then you can move on to patterns and other types of unique pieces. When I'm shopping for basics, I usually get more than one of the same item. For example, you can never, ever go wrong with a basic white t-shirt. Whether it's a short sleeve or long sleeve tee, you want to make sure you have more than one and in different styles. Like a short sleeve tee with a pocket, or a crew neck and a v-neck. (This will also come in handy incase you get it dirty and you want to wear a white tee again later on in the week.) 

*Tip:* Another great place to find basics is under the "Lounge Wear" tab! ;) 

Basic pants and jeans are essentials as well. Recently, I was on the hunt for some new jeans and I decided to try Fashion Nova jeans. As I was going through their site, I noticed that they have really great basic jeans in multiple styles and colors. (And they're extremely comfortable too). I think it's great to have a basic pair of jeans in multiple styles (High Rise, Mid Rise, and Low Rise) and colors (Light Wash, Dark Wash, Black, Olive, and White). Here are some sites with great basic jeans and bottoms!

Jeans aren't the only basic bottoms you should own. A good pair of joggers, leggings, casual skinny pants, shorts and skirts are just some of the other few basics that are essential for your wardrobe. 

You can create so many looks with basic articles of clothing. And it's very easy to get basics that match your aesthetic.

At the beginning of every season you should evaluate your closet and see what items you don't have that are easy to match with any outfit. For example, in the fall a good leather jacket or cardigan is great to have just to throw on for chilly nights in a nice fall color like burgundy, mustard yellow, or a dark orange. Or just go with black.

Okay you guys, that's all for today. I didn't want this first posts to be too long. I'll get into basic essentials for shoes and accessories another time but in the meantime check out my Polyvore profile for looks at

Comment your own tips for wearing and shopping basics!

Catch up with y'all later!

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