Chit Chat, Update, Goals & 2018!

Heyy, it's 2am and since I'm up, I decided to go ahead and chat with you guys. I know I've been MIA for a few months, but that's only because of school. But if you follow me on social media, than you've sorta been in the loop with what's been going on with me. So let's chat!

School. Chileeeeee, this semester challenged me. If you've seen my last blog post, then you now that I'm a fashion major. This semester I took only a couple of my major courses. Even though it was only 2 classes they really challenged me and gave me a small insight of what I really want to do in the fashion industry. 

This semester I took Fashion Merchandising and Advanced Clothing Construction. I have to say that Fashion Merchandising has to be my favorite class that I've taken so far in my college career. I got a good understanding of what it's like to run a fashion business. As you know, that's one of my goals. And this class really gave me an understanding of everything that entails in running an efficient and successful business. It was probably one of the easiest classes I've taken being that I was so interested in the subject. (And because I loved my professor, lol) I ended up getting an A in the class and actually purchasing the textbook (I was renting it from Amazon.)

Advanced Clothing Construction challenged and advanced my sewing skills, as well as my self-discipline. The main objective for the class was to create 3 complete looks by midterms or finals. It was like being on Project Runway. I was really challenged to learn new techniques on my own with little help. At the same time, we as the students had to produce a fashion show to showcase at our Open House. So it was really important that we did our best on making the garments because not only was the professor observing them but potential students that we're interested in the program we observing too. (Sorry if I sound too much like an essay, I'm still in school mode lol). Anyway, I wanted my garments to be really cute, fashionable, trendy, and similar to my personal style. I ended up traveling across town to buy good fabric and staying up until 6am completing the garments just for the fitting of the models. It took a lot of self-discipline to force myself to get up and work on my clothes. So on top of actually making the garments, and doing work for 4 other classes, we had to produce the fashion show from start to finish. It was like being a contestant on Project Runway and Mr. Jay on America's Next Top Model at the same time.

Even though this class challenged me, it did give me another perspective of what it's like working in the fashion industry. But everything turned out to be a success. 

So that's where I've been.

Social Life and Dating.  Well....I had a social life at the beginning of the semester but uh....yeah, school. Anyway because school had me tied down, I really didn't get a lot of time to go out. Plus I had evening classes and work. But I did have a little fun. 

During our homecoming season I got to see Cardi B and Yo Gotti in concert so that was fun. And I went to a couple bars and night clubs. I'm kind of an introvert so me going out is like a caterpillar coming out of it's cocoon. (that was corny, I know lol).

Now if you've read my about me page, then you know that I wanna keep it real with you guys and talk to you like my friends. That's why we're here for girl chat. So let's talk about dating. I did end a relationship this year and it was a completely new experience being that I was with this person for a very long time. But it was needed. Looking back I just want to give you guys some advice and remind you to always know your worth. Never settle for less, and speak up! If you're giving in the relationship and not getting anything back, then speak up! 

With the situation that I was in, it became frustrating and it was time for me to speak up and do something. And I'm so glad I walked away from that situation. Don't let people have control over your choices and decisions. (Not saying that this particular person did that, but I just wanna remind you guys.) So I ended that relationship, and now I'm just dating and focusing on myself. Focusing on my worth and what I deserve for myself.



Goals, 2018, New Years Resolutions. I already told myself, we are not doing that whole "New year, new me" thing that everyone says every December. No. To be honest, my 2018 has already started. You know how once you get out a relationship you feel the need to change? That's what I'm doing. I need a change in direction and lifestyle. So I decided to start now. Why wait til 2018? For what? Don't put it off any longer. If you have goals that you want to achieve in 2018, start planting your seeds now.

Lately I feel like I've come into a new mentality. To stop saying what I'm going to or want to do and just actually doing them. Remember it's always easier said than done.

So this year I'm not planning any resolutions for 2018. I'm just gonna go for it. Whatever it is I want to do, I'm going for it. And if it doesn't get achieved by 2018, then maybe it's not time for it to be done yet. Some things don't need to be rushed. You have a whole lifetime to do things. (Unless it's something like graduating college. We ain't putting that off until it's "ready". Nah we graduating on time!) I feel like making resolutions isn't really doing anything. But I do think that you should always right down your goals. But once you write them down, write down the steps that it takes to achieve that goal and then put them into action. Not everything is always a resolution. Maybe they're just new experiences you want to do. A new skill or hobby you want to learn. So I challenge you to start your 2018 now. In December 2017. Why wait?

As for myself, there's a lot I want to do in 2018. I hope to...

  • be more active here, on my blog
  • increase my following
  • get to know my followers more
  • raise my GPA up to a 4.0
  • make the Dean's List
  • learn/advance in a new hobby or skill

I've already started on some of my 2018 goals. I'm learning a new skill in photography. I raised my GPA this semester from a 3.0 to a 3.6 and I'm working on a few things that'll enhance my personal brand. I hope that myself and everyone else will flourish in 2018! 2016 was a mess, 2017 was better, but let's make 2018 the greatest!

Let me know, what do you want to do in 2018?

Happy New Year!

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